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Transformation course- Be the creator of your life and live up to your true potential: August 2020-June 2021
“Learn some profound transformation-methods and transform yourself and your life!”
Often we are stuck in situations in life where we theoretically know what we could do, but the implementation does not work as we would like. Mostly the deeper explanation for this blockade or even stagnation lies in the own energetic field. The tricky part is that the external situation does not change until the internal energy blockade is transformed. The basis of this fact is the law of resonance: the outer world is a mirror of the inner world. Thus, it is of great advantage to know different practices for different life situations and types of energy blockades in order to transform them within oneself and thus to attract what is desired in the outside world.
This annual course aims to theoretically learn and understand and practically apply different energetic transformation practices from different directions (shamanism, spiritual methods, Buddhism, classical coaching methods, etc.). In this way, everyone has suitable tools at their disposal to transform such energetic blockades within themselves and others.
This course is suitable for people who already have some knowledge in the spiritual field (chakras, aura, reincarnation, etc.) and are interested in their own personal and spiritual development. Also recommended for people who work in the social sector, especially psychologists, naturopaths, etc.
During the course different methods will be taught that, among others, can produce the following:
• Detaching old dependencies on people, things, situations
• Detect and transform old patterns more quickly
• Relief from fears and other ‘old’ emotions
• Build and strengthen internal stability, trust and security
• Create more closeness to yourself and others
• Get more into your own power and live your own essence
• Build up energetic fields that manifest in the outside world
• Solve ‘problematic’ situations on an energetic level
The ‘Transformation-course’ will take place on the following dates:
• Sun, 23rd of August 2020
• Sun, 20th of September 2020
• Sun, 18th of October 2020
• Sun, 15th of November 2020
• Sun, 13th of December 2020
• Sun, 10th of January 2021
• Sun, 7th of February 2021
• Sun, 7th of March 2021
• Sun, 25th of April 2021
• Sun, 30th of May 2021
• Sun, 27th of June 2021
Time and place:
Always from 13h-17h, at the seminarroom of Be You – live Your essence
The price for the intuition course is 1100.- CHF (11 afternoons x 100.-)
The course fee has to be paid at latest 21 days before the course starts.
Early bird rebate:
Signing up and payment until 31st May 2020: 150.- CHF discount → Course fee 950.-
Signing up and payment until 30th of June 2020: 75.- CHF discount → Course fee 1025.-
Course language:
The course will be held in German (with a translation in English if needed)
Maximum number of participants:
The maximum number of participants is restricted to 12 people, like this each person can be addressed better individually.
Terms and conditions in case of cancellation:
• In case of cancellation until 50 days before the course, the entire course fee will be refunded respectively remitted.
• In case of cancellation until 40 days before the course, 50% of the course fee will be remitted.
• If you cancel after this deadline, the whole amount of the course fee will be charged
Please use the following information relating to the payment of course fees:
Be You- live Your essence
Sylvia Walukiewicz
Credit Suisse
IBAN: CH38 0483 5154 8059 7100 0
Reason of payment: Transformation

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