It is my life-purpose to accompany people and to support them in finding themselves, to break away from old, mostly externally imposed patterns and to live their own potential more and more. Since I have been confronted with many traumatic events in my life, I know exactly what it is like to be in a life crisis. Moreover, I know how it feels not be your true self and how it is to perceive life as less worthy living it, amongst others due to different fears and learned behaviours.
Through my own development process and now also through my many years of practical experience, I have understood in the depth of my heart that all patterns and all emotional blockages can be resolved and that everyone has the ability to create their own lives the way they wish them to be. I am profoundly convinced of this fact and pass it on wholeheartedly to inspire people to initiate their own transformational process and, as a result, to shine more and more from the bottom of their hearts and their souls.
My Coaching-Personality
• I find the root of the blockage quickly

• I am natural, authentic, warm, supportive and uplifting

• Through my own transformation process, I have developed a great understanding and empathy for the inner life of people

• Because I have developed an unbroken will within myself during my traumatic phase of life, I am very motivating, determined, clear and have enormous inner strength

• I see the uniqueness in every person and always choose the methods and the way of working individually

•Because I am very connected to myself, I can adapt very well to other people

• I have a very high energy level and can use this energy to support people to get into the desired state more easily and quickly

• Because my basic attitude is: "You can solve everything", and I quickly see the possibilities, it is easier to change things fast
Personal & Professional development
As a child and adolescent, I had acquired many survival strategies due to many difficult events. I had learned to ‘read and understand’ people because this was essential for me to survive. Because of my great interest in the human psyche, I had studied psychology at the University of Basel and successfully completed it. During this time, I completed several coaching training courses. At the same time, I was already working as a psychologist to put the knowledge I learned into practice. After completing my studies, I did the training for sensibility, sensitivity and mediumship in order to be able to respond even better to people. In addition, there were a number of further training courses in which I could acquire valuable knowledge and powerful methods to lovingly and competently accompany people on their way.

At the end of 2015 I was finally able to fulfill my dream and rent my own practice space.
Since November 2015 I have also been running workshops, lectures and other courses.

During my personal development and thanks to the work with my customers, my potential has crystallized more and more: The deeper perception of the energetic fields of people, their relationship energy fields, work situations and even companies. Based on this perception, I developed my ability to perceive and understand this from a higher, spiritual perspective and learned how to support people in transforming it. The transformation is based on transforming the energies from the old energetic state into the new one, namely into your own potential. This is implemented using different methods, which are individually adapted.
• Master of Science in Psychology
• Cert. Integral Coach
• Dipl. Life and Personality Coach
• Cert. Hypnotist
• Sensitive and mediumistic consultant
• Shaman (Andean-Shamanism)
• Matrix-Coach
• Cert. Couple-Coach
• Cert. Sexual-Consultant
• Human Design Coach
• Certified Handanalyst
• Practioner & teacher for the seashell shaman sacred spirals (by Zabe Barnes)
• Greator Speaker
• Diverse Educations

Next events

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• Wednesday, October 11th, 2023
• Wednesday, October 25th, 2023
• Wednesday, November 8th, 2023

Heal your femininity:
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• Silver and Gold:
Starts on Monday, September 26th, 2022

The wisdom of the shell spirals:
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Transformation Training:
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Shamanic Transformation Course:
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