Individual Coaching
My coaching-sessions focus on the needs of my clients. It is important to me to perceive everyone as an individual and to adapt the chosen methods to the individual, instead of using any classification systems or organizing the coaching according to a deadlocked process. Thus, each coaching is individually tailored to the personality, needs and current topic of the client. However, what is part of every coaching is the analysis of the initial situation and the definition of the goal.
CHF 140.00
In case of cancellation less than 24 hours, the full course fee will be charged.
The following graphic shows a possible process and gives a rough overview of the methods that could be used:
STEP 1Set Up
Status Quo, examining the present topic
STEP 2Energy-Analysis
Analysis of the present state and circumstances, identification of possible blockages
STEP 3Setting goals
Definition of the goal, building up the goal-energy
STEP 4Planning the process from A to B
Intuitive choice of the appropriate Tools and Methods*
STEP 5Transformation on several levels
Application of the chosen Tools und Methoden*, most of the time combined with each other
STEP 6Transmission of healing-energy (optional)
Supports the transformation and in creating the new energetic state
STEP 7Integration of the new in life
Definition of exercises and new, goal-oriented behaviours
STEP 8Conclusion and focus
Summary of the most important points, anchoring the new
Couple Coaching
When a couple comes to me with a request, 1-2 individual coachings are first conducted to respond to individual needs. Afterwards, a joint coaching is arranged, in which the couple comes together into the practice. In a couple coaching, solutions to specific problems are worked out and implemented. Opportunities are offered to communicate with each other on a different level, to accept each other more and to connect to each other again on a more profound level. The methods and possible exercises are also individually selected and tailored to the needs of the couple.
Possible topics that can be worked on in a couple coaching are:
• Difficulties in communication
• Tensions and dissatisfaction in the relationship
• The feeling of not being respected
• Cheating on one’s partner
• Libido loss
• Too little quality-time together
• The feeling of not being loved enough
• Repeating quarrels that seem not to end
• Common management of major changes (children, moving, new job ...)
• Dealing with challenging situations together (death of a close person, serious illness, traumatic event ...)
(to learn the relevant aspects of the transformation, so that you can transform the old into the new by yourself).
Annual courses
• Learn in-depth transformation practices and transform yourself and your life
• Experience in-depth transformation at the energy level and start to live the inner and outer fulfillment
• Train your intuition and always be one step ahead
Block seminars and day or evening courses
• Discover your energetic abilities and live your energy-potential
• Uncover your true female essence
• Financial flow
• How to manifest powerfully
Every 2 weeks, the whole year
• Meditation, relaxation and transformation in one
(Wednesdays from 7pm to 8.30pm)
• The courses take place in the seminar room of Be You-live Your essence
(Dornacherstrasse 16, Basel)

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