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Intuition course August 2021- June 2022 Advanced
“Train your intuition and you will always be a step ahead!”
Nowadays our rational thinking is influenced of what others think, what the advertisement says and of other external influences. Our behaviour, our thinking about us and others and even our decisions are very primed of these. With a developed intuition we are freer in our decisions, can predict better future outcomes and do not let influence ourselves by others.
The goal of this intuition course is to discover the intuitive abilities, to train them and to learn how to apply them in everyday life. Since the development of intuition is a process and cannot happen overnight, the annual intuition course is divided up to 11 afternoons, which take place once a month for a duration of 11 months. Like this, intuition can be developed optimally: During the courses it will be activated and receives new inputs and between the courses the contents and techniques can be trained and applied in everyday life.
Amongst others, the following contents will be taught and exercised:
• To “read” people intuitively, even without having spoken to them.
• To make decisions without being influenced by external distractors
• To use more the intuitive ability during conversations with other people, instead of being influenced by other peoples’ opinion
• To use intuition to respond more empathetic to people
• To estimate future situations in advance
Many different theoretical and practical contents will be taught and trained. Different techniques will be shown how intuition can be applied. Like this there is something for everyone 🙂
Particular in the course for advanced people:
We will delve deeper into the above mentioned contents and work with multiple methods and multiple areas of life simultaneously. In addition, we will also cover topics such as dreams, past lives, healing, mediumship (communication with the deceased and spirits), connection with the own spirit guide, medial consultation, empathize with several people at once, the perception of the energetic field in relationships and intuitively understand interactions within groups.
The Intuition course will take place on the following dates:
• Sa.21st of August 2021
• Sa.18th of September 2021
• Sa.16th of October 2021
• Sa.13th of November 2021
• Sun.12th of December 2021 (exceptionally on a Sunday) 13h-17h
• Sa.8th of January 2022
• Sa.19th of February 2022
• Sa.19th of March 2022
• Sa.02nd of April 2022
• Sa.14th of May 2022
• Sa.11th of June 2022
Time and place:
Always from 14h-18h, at the seminarroom of Be You – live Your essence
The price for the intuition course is 1320.- CHF (11 afternoons x 120.-)
The course fee has to be paid at the latest 30 days before the beginning of the course.
Early bird rebate:
Signing up and payment until 31st of May 2021: 120.- CHF discount→ Course fee 1200.-
Signing up and payment until 30th of June 2021: 60.- CHF discount → Course fee 1260.-
Course language:
The course will be held in German (with English translation)
Maximum number of participants:
The maximum number of participants is restricted to 12 people, like this each person can be addressed better individually.
Terms and conditions in case of cancellation:
• In case of cancellation until 50 days before the course, the entire course fee will be refunded respectively remitted.
• In case of cancellation until 40 days before the course, 50% of the course fee will be remitted.
• If you cancel after this deadline, the whole amount of the course fee will be charged.
Please use the following information relating to the payment of course fees:
Be You- live Your essence
Sylvia Walukiewicz
Credit Suisse
IBAN: CH38 0483 5154 8059 7100 0
Reason of payment: Intuition

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