Femininity course

Course: Uncover your true female essence
„Transform the imposed limitations and live your female elementary power.“
Few women live their true female essence these days. Today's woman performs well in business, has everything under control at home and should also ‘look good’ because this is part of being a woman. What does all this have to do with true femininity? Not much, but it's what society has been imposing on us for a long time. In the past women were rather oppressed and, as I call it, were a nice decoration at the side of their man. Today many women have suppressed their true femininity and live more in the male energy, which consists among other things of fighting, controlling and uncompromising. Many women also complain that they have to do everything on their own, although they also wish to lean on. However, many women have unlearned to lean on. Of course, women also have many strong sides, but these come from a different source of energy and motivation than the ‘fighting-ones’. In addition, our empathy for others and above all for ourselves has been left behind, since we have to function to fulfill the expectations.
Our true female essence is much more than what we believe and what we live. We don't need to fight to achieve goals, we don't always have to have everything under control to make it work, we don't always have to be strong and prove that we can do it. This course is about letting go of these old patterns more and more, finally getting rid of them and starting to live our true female elementary power. This power is strong and gentle at the same time, lovely and clear and only through being connected to this elementary force we can bring about healing for ourselves and others. This elementary force is also essential for our partnership, because this way our partner can connect more to his male power and we can finally lean on. When both are constantly in the male energy, many conflicts arise. When the woman lives her female essence, magic can happen and the relationship is more nurtured.
On the day course (Saturday, January 06th, 2024, 14h-19h) we will:
• Perceive blocking behaviours and limiting beliefs more consciously and begin to transform them (the transformation will continue working even after the course)
• Energetic techniques, rituals and meditations will be done in order to free ourselves from old blockages that block our true female essence
• Address individual topics
• Connect more deeply with our gentleness and vulnerability and learn to accept them more
• Learn to feel deeper within us and to listen to our true inner wishes
• Do other rituals and initiations to activate the elementary female power
Time and Place:
• Afternoon-seminar: 14h-19h (Saturday, January 6th, 2024)
• Always in the Seminarroom of Be You- live Your essence (Dornacherstrasse 16, Basel)
Single entry:
• Afternoon-seminar: 150.- CHF (Either by pre-payment or cash to bring along)
Course language:
The course is held in German (with a translation in English, if needed)
Maximum number of participants:
The number of participants at the afternoon-seminar is restricted to a maximum of 12 people, like this each person can be addressed better individually.
Terms and conditions in case of cancellation:
• When registering for the seminar a place will be secured.
• In case of prevention until 5 days before the course, the entire course fee will be refunded respectively remitted. If you cancel after this deadline, the whole amount for the course will be charged.
• In case of illness the same provisions apply, but then just 50% of the course fee will be charged.
Please use the following information relating to the payment of course fees:
Be You- live Your essence
Sylvia Walukiewicz
Credit Suisse
IBAN: CH38 0483 5154 8059 7100 0
Reason of payment: Female essence

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