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Ch. R. (53 J.): "Thanks to Sylvia, I managed with simple but very good exercises to clear blockages that I have created myself over the past 30 years, because I was unable to accept myself as I am. I realized that it is necessary to allow emotions to be there, to consciously perceive and accept them instead of suppressing the emotions. From that time on I feel myself again and I perceive the environment much more intensely."
J. B. (26 J.): "The coaching was very emotional and I'm surprised of everything that has come to light. The exercises have shown me how I can help myself in a simple way. The coaching helped me a lot and I'm excited to see how it goes on."
G.K.T. (57 J.): "With Sylvie I managed to solve situations and beliefs that I have carried for decades in me. In half an hour we could discover and resolve things that have depressed me for over 50 years and have embossed my life. Now I can consciously change my behavior and lead a positive life. Sylvie is a gifted interlocutor and a well-trained coach. For everyone to recommend who finally wants to feel lasting happiness again. Just great. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"
L. C. (35 J.): "Sylvi could give me a completely new and unfamiliar perspective to my problem. The first time in my life I have realized that it is necessary to recognize the emotions, to accept and integrate rather than to suppress them desperately."
M.K. (18 J.): "I've been to several therapists and I've never felt comfortable and could not establish a trust bond . With Sylvie everything is different. I have full confidence and can open up and finally look at my feelings that I have suppressed for so long."

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