1. What inspired me to do this work?

Since my childhood I have perceived emotions, thoughts and social behaviour of people very intensely. Even at that age I had already been questioning them and wanted to know more about their origin. In addition, as a child and teenager I experienced many traumatic and painful situations, that later lead to depression, burnout and several traumas. Thanks to my own personal transformation and healing process I have realised, firstly, how important it is that therapy includes several layers (such as, emotional, mental, spiritual, physical) and that it is individually adapted to each person. Secondly, I was able to develop several methods with which I have been able to support people in very profound ways and through which they have been able to heal in a much shorter time than using more conventional methods.

2. What is my belief? What is the bigger picture according to how I work?

One of my main convictions is that ‘everything can be solved, if one really wants to solve it, and, as long as one has the method(s) that are suited best for them.’ I strongly believe that every trauma, every depression, and every painful experience can be completely solved. Everyone is only confronted with challenges in their life that they can overcome. Moreover, each of us has self-healing powers, which can be activated in different ways. In addition, I believe that the true essence of a person stays pure in its nucleus, independently of what the person has gone through. As soon as the outer layers of the stored emotions and indoctrinated behavioural patterns are transformed, the true essence can be expressed and lived more and more.

3. What does a session/coaching with me look like?

Firstly, we look at and discuss the current situation/ present topic which the client wants to work with in the session. Secondly, an energetic analysis is done in order to assess it from a higher perspective and to find out more about possible blockages and what their origins might be. Following this, the so-called ‘goal-energy’ or ‘desired future state’ is defined. Next, the methods that best suit the person for the present topic are intuitively chosen and are practically applied. These can include solving old beliefs, healing, hypnosis, shamanic methods as well as other energetic methods. Finally, the new energetic state is stabilised through energetic work and by applying the homework one is given that supports the achievement of one’s ‘desired state’.

4. What do my clients particularly appreciate about me?

My clients appreciate my empathy, my motivation, my ability to recognise very complex combinations and connections and to find suitable ways to solve them, my energetic as well as mediumistic abilities, such as seeing energetic fields, the ability to transform the energy from one form into another and to give answers from an energetic and spiritual perspective. Moreover, they also appreciate my loving and caring nature, my inner strength and the ability to stay stable and calm when supporting a person through very heavy emotions, as well as my communicative competences and my ability to intuitively choose methods that have proven to have had a profoundly transformative effect.

5. What is special about working with me?

My ability to perceive the situation/ the present topic from an energetic perspective and so find an easier possible way to change the current state. Through this way of looking at things the true nucleus of each issue can be identified more swiftly and deep blockages and traumas can be completely solved. Moreover, it is crucial for me to adapt the methods individually to suit each person in line with their current topic, therefore, each session can be different.
What is also very special about working with me, is that when a person is really compliant and is dedicated to solving their issue, it can be solved in a very short space of time thanks to the profound energetic work. What’s more, I am very stable and I am able to deal very well with heavy stories and traumatic experiences, this gives the people with whom I work a lot of stability, security and the feeling of being deeply understood.

6. What are the most frequent issues/topics with which people come to me?

The topics vary a lot since, due to my own transformational story, I am an expert in many different topics: relationship issues, work issues, trauma such as abuse, experiencing or being present at traumatic situations, mobbing, mother-father-family-issues, addiction, femininity, financial issues, depression, finding one’s true self, self-worth, self-confidence and living your own true essence more.

7. How long does it take until an issue is solved? Is medication also part of it?

No, medication is definitely not a part of the work. Depending on the ‘severity of the issue’ it can be discussed about using herbal products, such as Bach flower remedies or the use of healing stones. However, the main emphasis is on beginning to trust in one’s own healing-power and its activation.

In regards to the duration there are big differences. There are many factors which can influence the duration such as: ‘the severity of the issue’, the frequency of the sessions (weekly, every two weeks, once a month), the perseverance to practice the recommended exercises at home and the readiness to really face the nucleus of the issue. In other words, each person can influence how fast their issue is solved. Under optimal conditions it is possible to solve the trauma of having been abused completely in three sessions. For depression it can take 2-3 months to feel better and 4-6 months to have it completely healed and to be stable within oneself.

8. What is energetic transformation? What are the benefits of energetic transformation/energetic work?

Everything is energy. Our physical bodies, our emotions, our thoughts, as well as all matter are all energy. Each of us is energy and we are able to influence our own energy through our consciousness and it is through the vibration of our energy that we create our own reality we live and so attract more of it into our life.

Energetic transformation means that the energy is transformed from one vibration, for example anger or fear, into another vibration, such as love or stability. Of course, this has an influence on our well-being, our attachment to our past and on our mental and physical health.

The benefits of this kind of work are: it focuses directly on the core of the topic, the topics can be solved on a very deep level and in their entirety. In addition, healing can occur much faster with this technique and it is easier to attract something positive and new into our life.

9. What kind of courses/seminars do I offer? What are the topics/techniques/methods that can be learned in my courses?

Basically, all my courses are about deepening your own connection to yourself and to your own strength, so that you can live your own essence more deeply. This is done through courses that aim to help you let go of your old patterns and beliefs, and that facilitate a manifestation of a new life. In other courses I teach different techniques with which you can transform and heal a lot in yourself as well as in others. In addition, I offer courses in which you can get more in touch with your own intuition and can develop it further. I also offer shamanic courses where these wisdoms can be experienced. My transformation evenings are a combination of relaxation, transformation and meditation.

10. What is my motivation for my courses?

In my courses, I want to support the participants so that they can connect more with themselves and that they can activate their self-healing powers in different ways. My motivation and conviction behind this is that if you are more connected to yourself, then you can also access your inner wisdom and can draw more from your own inner strength. In which way or by which exercises or techniques this is achieved, plays a lesser role. Rather, it’s about finding what suits you best and what you need most at the moment.

11. What are the most outstanding healing-stories which I have been able to contribute to?
    • A young woman who was abused by her brother was able to heal this traumatic event within 3 sessions.
    • A man in his mid-40s was able to completely abandon his regular tantrums and the subsequent panic attacks within less than 2 months.
    • A woman in her mid-50s, who was abused at the age of 20, was able to fully process this within 3 sessions. This could even be proven in a kinesiological test.
    • A young man was able to return back to normal life and do a 100% job within about 7-8 months after having years of depression and suicidal thoughts.
    • A young woman was able to cope with her panic attacks within 2-3 months, after 4-5 months they were completely healed.
    • A couple in their late 30s were able to happily find their way back together despite very difficult relationship topics and years of cheating by one partner.
    • A young woman with psychoses and kidney problems was able to fully recover physically within 2-3 months and had no psychoses any more.

    Of course, I also accompany people in the transformation and healing of other topics such as bullying, any kind of relationship topics, dissatisfaction, achievement of professional goals and finding one’s true inner self. It is all about being your true self again and living your own essence. Be You- live Your essence.

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