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Course: Uncover Your energetic abilities and live Your energetic potential
Energy is everywhere, everything consists of energy: thoughts, feelings, emotions and even matter. Everyone of us perceives energy; some do it more consciously than others do. We often have the feeling to be captured in the present energetic state and not being able to change it. An example for this is a deep sadness, which seems to predominate our entire emotional state. Other examples are stress, ruminating or even repeated behavioural patterns, which we believe to be a fixed component of our lives that cannot be changed. Energies not only play a role in the emotional and mental imbalances, but also in physical diseases. Behind them, there are often energetic blockades, like old unsolved patterns, which are manifested this way. Many people try to solve such patterns and permanent emotional states with common methods, which can take months or even years. As everything is based on the energy, it is recommended to solve everything energetically: to solve the roots of the problems and to transform permanently old behavioural patterns.

The principles of energetic work are easy, promptly manifested, efficient and profound. Everyone of us has the abilities to work with energies and to change positively our own and even help to transform energies of others. To work energetically you need some basic knowledge and positive and benevolent intentions. In order to build up profound understanding, unique techniques and practices need to be learned.
With this course you can develop the necessary requirements to work energetically with your own and others’ energies. The following key topics will be taught and practiced:
• What is energy and how does it work?
• What is energetic work?
• Some basic techniques
• How can we protect ourselves from foreign-energy?
• Ego and soul
• Energetic work and resonance
• Energetic work in connection with previous lives
• Healing methods and unique techniques
The course is ideal for people who are interested in spiritual theories and practices, who work in a social environment and/or already have some experience with one or more energetic practices.
The course will consist of 5 sessions in the afternoons, approximately 5 hours. For a successful completion of the course, it is necessary to attend every session, as the contents are fluidly built up on each other.
The course will take place on the following dates:
Sat, 20th of March 2021 14h-19h
Sun, 21st of March 2021 13h-18h
Sat, 17th of April 2021 14h-19h
Sun, 18th of April 2021 13h-18h
Sun, 9th of May 2021 14h-19h
Seminarroom of Be You – live Your essence
Dornacherstrasse 16, 4053 Basel
The entire course: 750.-
The course fee has to be paid before the beginning of the course. At the latest one week before the course start.
Early bird rebate:
Signing up and payment until 31st of December 2020: 20% discount
Signing up and payment until 31th of January 2021: 10% discount
Course language:
The course will be held in German (with translation in English if needed)
Maximum number of participants:
The maximum number of participants is restricted to 12 people, to allow for individual approach.
Terms and conditions in case of cancellation:
In case of cancellation until 50 days before the course, the entire course fee will be refunded, respectively remitted. If you cancel until 40 days before the course, 50% of the course fee will be refunded. If you cancel after this deadline, the whole amount of the course fee will be charged.
Please use the following information relating to the payment of course fees:
Be You- live Your essence
Sylvia Walukiewicz
Credit Suisse
IBAN: CH38 0483 5154 8059 7100 0
Reason of payment: Energy

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