Be You - live Your essence
Practice for energetic Transformation and Consciousness Expansion
I accompany people to solve emotional blockages, to find and live their own potential and to live their life in the way that they want from the bottom of their hearts.
Through my sensitive and mediumistic abilities to perceive the energies of people, interpersonal relationships, teams and even companies from a higher perspective and to understand their meaning, an immediate change or healing of the current state can arise.
My specialty is to clearly recognize the potential of people and companies, to awaken it and support them in living it by combining several different methods that are individually adapted to the person. In addition, the transformation takes place on several levels: on the energetic, emotional, mental and behavioral level, thereby faster successes than with conventional methods are possible.

I accompany people at:
- Dissatisfaction in a relationship or at work
- Difficult family circumstances
- Processing of stressful situations
- Develop more self-esteem and self-confidence
- Achieve personal or professional goals
- Permanent dissatisfaction or being permanently leached out
- Dealing with stress
- Trauma
- Depression
- Burn Out
- Recognition, analysis and dissolving of karmic relationships, obligations etc.
- Changing old emotional, thinking and behavioural patterns
- Situations of radical change
- Discovering and living up to ones’ full potential

Coachings can be held in 6 different languages:
German, English, French, Polish, Italien and Spanish